Gigantic Huge Meat

Here He Is In The Middle Of A Break During A Vid Shoot, Relaxing Before His Co-Star Starts Sucking His Huge Thick Dick Again, And Brings Him To The Money Shot. Rhett's Monster Mushroom Cockhead Flares Out So Wide When He Cums, The Guy Sucking Him Hopes It Doesn't Get Stuck In His Throat When Rhett Starts To Cum, 'Cause It Won't Come Out Once The Flood Starts

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Gigantic Huge Meat
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Muscular porn superstar shows us his humongous "Leaning Tower of Penis!" And man does he look ready to fuck or what! His eyes say, "Come here buddy, have a seat on my huge cock, slide on down and I'll suck your big fuckin' dick while I fuck you."
Argentine muscle god Victor Mejor thrills his audiences with his massive shoulders, narrow waist, gigantic legs, and his beautiful smiling face! His nearly floor length monster cock often turns a contest into a mass jack-off session, culminating in Victor himself shooting a hundred foot geyser of cum across his panting fans!
Handsome call boy Rhett also does some porn modeling and videos on the side. Here he is in the middle of a break during a vid shoot, relaxing before his co-star starts sucking his huge thick dick again, and brings him to the money shot. Rhett's monster mushroom cockhead flares out so wide when he cums, the guy sucking him hopes it doesn't get stuck in his throat when Rhett starts to cum, 'cause it won't come out once the flood starts.
In the locker room at his gym, Huck Chamberlain has finished his shower and is getting dressed when he notices a buddy of his out on the floor working out. Huck pops an instant hardon as he watches his friend shoot a fierce load out of his gigantic dick. Huck looks a little pissed that he didn't keep working out a little longer tonight! He's got time, he'll wait.
Another recent visitor has cum back for a brief treatment, and has done extremely well for himself. His huge dick is approaching gigantic, becoming thicker, longer and heavier by a wide margin. His balls are so big they're starting to assist in elevating his massive man tool. Expect really big things from this enormous bodybuilder!
Fuck man, overnight, the guys at the expansion studio kept a nonstop sucking and licking thing goin' on my dick, and look! Look at my fuckin' cock, it's huge, really really huge! These guys are awesome, they make you feel like you have the biggest dick in the world, and you just get the confidence to keep growin', bigger and fuckin' bigger! Shiiiit, I'm cumming again just thinking of how huge it's gonna get next time! Oooooh fuck yeaaaah!
Here are six sex-charged guys for your pleasure! Some are massive ripped bodybuilders, male super models, football players, South of Market leather men; stunningly handsome, muscular to the extreme, huge bulges, gigantic dicks, massive balls––all ready to satisfy your every fantasy!
Massive bodybuilder Gunther DuBois shows effort in his face, and power in his rock-hard rapidly expanding fuck rocket. Lick his dickhead, sink your face into his magnificent glutes, give him lots of love––this guy's on a focussed mission to become humongous, to keep his perfect proportions, and to grow his dick to monumental proportions!
Hey, I heard some of you thought my dick was too small after my first time at Gigantic Huge Meat Cock Expansion Center. Three feet wasn't big enough for ya, huh? Okay guys, how about sliding down my 10 foot shaft and giving me a kiss; you like this better, right? So show me how, show me what you can do that someone else can't. Yeah, three of you working on my monster cock is fine, yeah you can lick my ass and my fat balls at the same time, so chow down!
Good to his word, Len Hoser did return, yesterday afternoon after the Women's March! He's one of the greatest natural cock growers we've ever seen! Another hour with our diligent attendants, and not only did his dick enlarge to a monstrous thick 9.5', his muscles responded as well, mega-booty, massive arms and legs, so strong, so huge, all powerful, and an orgasm that churns out hot spewing cum for more than an hour! Our professionals were rocked all afternoon, keeping this throbbing stud growing! Will he be back for more?
Mega bodybuilder Len Hoser spent less that three hours in our cock expansion procedures and, well, judge for yourself! This guy packs on massive muscles, and not satisfied with three feet of thick monster cock, not happy with five, Len kept going with our boys until his huge cock reached seven feet. He then said, "Sorry guys gotta run, I'll be back for more real soon!" He left everyone in a sweat.
Two handsome muscular bodybuilders; a French guy from the world of competition posing, an Italian from hot sex wrestling––and both with giant mushroom dickheads pushing their massve bulges out front and center! The wrestler looks pretty close to cumming, will he yank off the singlet or just shoot his gargantuan load right through it?
Hey baby! I'm Deshane Kendrick, livin' and workin' out in Chicago. Other huge bodybuilder's at my gym can't get enough of my gigantic dick plowing up their tight asses, but what they don't realize is, once I've plugged this fat fuck tool in, it can't get out till I'm good and done. When that mushroom head fires up it's just too big to pull out. But these hot studs, they like it that way––you hear me complaining? Hell no! Hey baby, you want some?
Three huge bodybuilders return from their second round of cock expansion treatments having gained some serious girth and extra length––measured in feet! These handsome men are so exciting, the fluffers here at GHM came several times while they sucked their gigantic cocks––not something they normally do until the day has ended!
Justin Wayfarer returns to us after posing with very stretched blue compression shorts a while back. Totally naked this time, we can dream of pushing our faces into his perfect bubble butt, helping jack his gigantic thick monster cock, and for you guys who are really ambitious, sitting on his massive cockhead and enveloping his entire gargantuan dick!
Two famous bodybuilders and a classic porn star return with more muscle, massive bulges and humongous dicks! Even with XXXXL white briefs, and XXXXXL orange posing trunks, these guys' monster cocks are engorged in the extreme, and stretch their confines to the limit! And the naked stud? His dick is so hard, he just has to lick the head and the torrent of cum will slam him backwards into the wall.
Brody Gainsborough, California cowboy––yeah when he's dancing at the Stud! But when he pulls open his 501s, look at the fuckin' cock that cums out! And a huge bodybuilder known only as Bulgeman, pretty obvious why, a massive throbbing monster cock pushes his XXXL posers to the limit, and then they're gone. Fabled DJ Jerry Sanchez has another reason everyone wants to get up in the booth with him––go ahead and spin on that fat cock!
A trio of boys next door, tight muscled, handsome and hung like horses. Tommy D's having a nice blow job dream in his warm bath; Noah's thick boner's popping out of his pants; and fresh-faced Jason's hard dick is just at the beginning stages of growth––in a few years he'll be huge all over!
A couple of hot studs laying back with their gigantic dicks snuggling their chests like a warm animal. Tough guy says, "Suck my fat cock now!" The sailor says, "Wrap your tight ass around this monster cock and ride it!"
Handsome classic bodybuilder reveals some of his best assets; his soft plump dick packed into a sheer poser, and his beautiful bubble butt profile. Then, as expected, his inflating mushroom headed monster cock breaks free of the tight fabric and swings down, swaying past his knees, demanding to be sucked, stroked and worshipped!
Two military musclemen done with work at the base for the day, about to meet up and fuck and suck each other for the rest of the night. Their fat dicks stay hard even after three or four massive cum shots, they just keep cumming, no need to rest!
At an international multi-sport competition recently, this totally hot wrestler wins his match and gets up and yells, "You see my fuckin' monster cock, it'll grow this big if you lick and suck it a little!" A water polo player on a break nearby at the same event hears him and yells back, "Oh fuck yeah I'm gonna suck your gigantic dick!" Hell yeah, gonna be a whole lotta fuckin' & suckin' in the locker room now!
Swarthy bodybuilder takes the stage with a hip thrust double bi lat spread. His massive forward-pushed cock and balls swell his already huge 6' 4" volume into a total muscle and dick monster. Lick his pits, suck his luscious mouth and cum together for an unforgettable moment in love!
Stunning bodybuilder Jimmy Coroboti stopped in today and more than doubled his cock size in one session! Below, another old picture of Ben Mercury, so hot even then! And an interesting character named Ace Santucci came in and showed us his gigantic dick he enlarged just by jerking off! He looks so sweet but he talks like a fuckin' dock worker!
These two gorgeous musclemen met two years ago and were recently married. Obviously, their gigantic dicks were part of the attraction and they get plenty of use out of them. Dean's a total bottom and Curtis is a warm, ardent top who can fuck & kiss for hours, cumming repeatedly as does Dean. How they ever get away from each other is a total mystery!

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